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Fused Glass Craft Kits

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A glass craft kit to make your own flower garden suncatcher


Customer comments:

Hi, Just a note to say how much I enjoyed making the suncatcher my wife gave me for Christmas, just had a very enjoyable couple of hours doing it with my favourite music and coffee cup!




Really impressed with this set, item arrived quickly and well packaged. I really enjoyed making this with my mom and the finished product was beautiful. The kit had everything you needed, would definitely recommend.

Make your own masterpiece from real glass!

A selection of Fused Glass Kits to make at home. Kits contain everything you need to design and make your own colourful art. Perfect for beginners or those who have made them before.

You make it and send it to me, I fuse it, add a hole and ribbon and send it back – you get to keep and treasure your beautiful masterpiece! Or you can send directly as a gift.

I offer a complete design your own kit and several other kits with the design chosen for you. All kits come with full instructions, including colour photos via PDF or printed.

A Rainbow butterfly made out of glass
Vivid Lux Glass Craft Kit Process

Making your kit

Your kit contains everything you need to make your suncatcher.

Fully comprehensive instructions with step-by-step photos are provided via email PDF or printed, depending on which option you choose.

All the glass is neatly arranged in colour order to make it easy to start.

You’ll add glue provided to your blank glass shape, add your glass frit (small pieces of glass) according to your own design or a copy in the instructions, leave it to dry and then send it back to me. Simple!

Customer review!

Myself and my 8 year old twin daughters were thrilled to be able to try one of the stunning glass craft kits recently.

We’ve tried a variety of craft kits in the past but this was our first using glass. Infact I’ve never seen a craft kit quite like this one.

The kit arrived beautifully packaged with more than enough of everything we needed. Having read through the wonderfully clear instructions we’d recieved via email I set out everything on a newspaper covered work area.

We then began to apply the glue and coloured glass frit one colour and one small area at a time. Kelly has thoughtfully included several different tools for this. We found the wooden spoon the easiest to use when initially applying the frit and the cocktail stick came in very handy for tidying up edges. We found using a paintbrush to apply the glue made it easier to keep it where it was needed. The tweezers were used to add extra little details once the main colours were in place although my daughters found this a little fiddly so decided this was a job best left for mum. When we where satisfied with our finished butterfly we mixed a few drops of water with the remaining glue and covered the design to help keep everything in place. Once dry our finished butterfly together with the materials we hadn’t needed was easily packaged up for it’s return journey.

From start to finish this kit took around an hour to complete. My girls loved being able to help and were fascinated by the glass frit. At 8 years old they were more than capable of doing most of the kit themselves and understood the need to be careful. They needed supervision and a bit of help from mum here and there. It’s a lovely kit to do as a family activity. We’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking about trying it and give it 10 out of 10. Will definitely try another one in the future.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to try this amazing kit Kelly. We had a brilliant afternoon working on it. Hope we did it justice