Dichroic Colour Options

Dichroic Glass is a specialist art glass. The literal meaning is “two coloured”. The main characteristic of Dichroic Glass is that it has a transmitted colour and a completely different reflective colour. These two colours shift depending on angle of view.

I cap the dichroic with a layer of clear glass, giving it more depth of colour and protection against scratches and water.

Due to the highly reflective surface of dichroic glass, a realistic reproduction of the color is very difficult. The images and videos should be considered an indication of the actual colour, but can’t be taken as a direct reference.

Each piece of dichroic glass is different, therefore, what you will receive may be slightly different from the videos, due to the way the glass is cut.

Dichroic Option 1 ↓

Dichroic Option 3 ↓

Dichroic Option 5 ↓

Dichroic Option 2 ↓

Dichroic Option 4 ↓

Dichroic Option 6 ↓

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