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Neurodivergent (ND) Businesses, Christmas Showcase

ND Definition - Neurodivergent. A term that describes people whose brains develop or work differently from Neurotypical (NT) people.

Conclusion That’s all for the exploration of neurodivergent-owned businesses for this Christmas edition, I hope this post has inspired you. The unique and thoughtfully crafted products offered by these amazing people not only make for extraordinary gifts but also contribute to a more diverse and compassionate marketplace. In supporting neurodivergent-owned businesses, you’re not just purchasing […]

January 2017. It’s been so, so long!

Hello! It’s been a really long time since I last updated my blog, I’m sorry! Christmas has now been and gone, it was such a busy time. This was my second Christmas making glass and having the dayjob too and I was so unprepared, the volume of orders took my by surprise! This year it was […]

New stuff & a little discount!

Morning! It’s another sunshiney day here. Yesterday we had snow! I don’t what is going on with April this year….lots of different types of weather in one day. Certainly makes the day interesting. I’m settling into my new dayjob hours nicely. I have so much more free time in the mornings now, it makes it […]