January 2017. It’s been so, so long!

Hello! It’s been a really long time since I last updated my blog, I’m sorry!

Christmas has now been and gone, it was such a busy time. This was my second Christmas making glass and having the dayjob too and I was so unprepared, the volume of orders took my by surprise! This year it was a mixture of gifts and Christmas decorations so I had to plan my kiln schedules to make sure everything was finished and posted before the Royal Mail cut off dates. I managed it and felt a huge sense of achievement (and massive relief) when it was all over. I’m hugely grateful for all the orders and it really makes me smile to know people actually like and buy my work for themselves and others. I ended up making over 200 large snowflakes – that’s a lot of glass and cutting! 🙂 The Christmas decorations are available all year round as some people like are organised (unlike me :D).

This year I’m determined to be more organised! You may already know that I have a new, bigger kiln. I call it Beast. It’s more than double the internal size of my original kiln and I’m so glad I ordered it when I did, otherwise I’d never have been able to take so many orders on.

The Beast! New, larger kiln.
The Beast! New, larger kiln.

This new kiln is changing my fusing life already. I can make bigger things, I can fit more in and I’m planning on reducing my lead times by actually having items in stock for the first time ever. Bear with me on this though, it takes a lot longer for me to fill this kiln up! 🙂

Exciting News:

I have some exciting news (well, exciting for me!) – I’ve reduced my dayjob hours even more and now have so much more time for my passion, glass. I have lots of plans for new products – I know I said this last year, unfortunately I just never seemed to find enough time!

Recycled Glass:

Some of the products I have in mind this year are going to be made using recycled glass – this is more limited in what I can do but for the sentimental and/or eco aware among us, it’s a wonderful way to breathe new life into old bottles. I’ll still be using the beautiful Art Glass, no chance of me stopping that! The recycled glass will be in addition to the products I already offer.

I’m planning on making new things out of old bottles – so maybe a bottle from your wedding or child’s Christening, or whichever occasion you celebrate – can be made into something you can keep and cherish.

Subscription Boxes:

I’ll also be launching a very exciting Christmas Decoration subscription box. I may also expand into other subscription boxes part way through the year but the Christmas one is my priority right now. It will allow you to pay over 6 or 12 months and receive a beautiful box of my glass decorations in December. It has several benefits for you and me but I’ll explain more when I launch.

Gift Vouchers:

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be adding a range of Gift Vouchers to my website. You can either download and print yourself or I can send them in the post for you to give to friends and loved ones. The voucher will have a code the recipient can use on the website.

Make at Home Kits:

I’m still ironing out details for these but this will be your chance to have some pre-cut glass blanks sent to you, along with different colours and shapes, for you to make a suncatcher which you send back to be fired in my kiln. I’ll then send the completed item back to you and you will have your very own piece of glass that you made!

New page on my website:

Next week I’ll be adding a new page on my website to explain the processes I use and how I actually make the glass items. I’ve had a few requests for this so that people can better understand what I actually do. It’ll be a nice way to show how I work, where I work and the tools and glass I work with.

New items and planning:

I’ve just added a new product – aptly named the Mega Rainbow – which can be personalised and is now available to buy. It’s pretty big at 22cm x 14cm x 9cm!

Mega Rainbow Arch Bridge by Rainbow Lux Glass
Mega Rainbow Arch Bridge by Rainbow Lux Glass

I’m busy planning new ranges for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Christmas! The first batch of new items will be uploaded before the end of January!

Website Discount:

I have a new special offer for January – ends January 31st at 10pm – for 15% off any order over £20. Just use the code: JANUARY2017 (Offer valid for one use only, minimum spend of £20 not including postage, not available on kits or subscriptions).

I have lots of other ideas and products on the way, too many to waffle on about here! But as ever, if you have an idea or would like to commission a piece of glass, please get in contact.

That’s all for today, I’m going to aim to update my blog every week with news and progress photos, now I have more time! 🙂

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