New stuff & a little discount!

Morning! It’s another sunshiney day here. Yesterday we had snow! I don’t what is going on with April this year….lots of different types of weather in one day. Certainly makes the day interesting.

I’m settling into my new dayjob hours nicely. I have so much more free time in the mornings now, it makes it a lot easier to keep on top of housework and glass work too. My partner is officially jobless at the end of the week but he’s got some interviews lined up so fingers crossed!

I’ve listed some new items on the website and there’s a few more to come, this week. First is a beautiful Rainbow Candle Bridge – it’s so lovely and colourful!

Rainbow Candle Bridge / Arch
Rainbow Candle Bridge / Arch

Then I finally got round to taking some photo’s of the Rainbow Heart Keyring so it’s now in a separate listing to the Token.

Rainbow Heart Keyring
Rainbow Heart Keyring

I’ve been busy sending out orders for my lovely customers but have had time to try some new bits. Something just out of the kiln today is this:

Work in Progress Lily
Work in Progress Lily

I’ve edited the photo to black and white as it’s only a sneak peek, there’s lots more work to do on this until it’s complete! Eventually it will be a fully formed Lily mounted on a tube so it can be put in a flowerbed, pot or vase, or it can be attached to a wall. It’s a long and slow process but I think it will be worth it! I’ve got some more garden items coming soon, I had finished one but I then dropped it onto a concrete floor so had to make another! I’m so clumsy….it doesn’t go well with glass!

I’d like to ask a favour, please? If you’ve bought anything of mine (Facebook, Etsy, here), I’d really appreciate you leaving a review on my website. Reviews probably don’t seem important to most people but to small businesses like mine, they really help potential customers decide whether to buy. And if people decide to buy, my child can eat (only joking!! :D) If you register an account and review a product you have bought, I will send you a discount code for 5% off your next purchase 🙂

Don’t forget, you can subscribe to my blog at the bottom of each page. Your information won’t be used in any other way, except to notify you of new blog posts and you can unsubscribe at any time 🙂

That’s all from me this week, I have lots to be getting on with, and the dayjob later on. Have a lovely week.

Kelly x






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