It’s been a while…

So we’re now into April which has brought lots of changes to my household. As from today, I’m doing less hours at my dayjob. I was finding it very difficult to be a mother, worker, business person and cook, cleaner etc. I never seemed to see my son for any quality time, my house is a mess and something had to give. I’m lucky to be in the position to reduce my hours at work, I’ve been waiting months and the day has finally come 🙂  It also means I get to spend more time playing with glass! I have lots of designs drawn out and I hope to refine them in my new found time.

The not so great news is that my partner is being made redundant. We’ve been through this 3 times before (in 7 years) and he’s always had a job lined up at the end. This time there is no job, despite going to lots of interviews, it seems we’re a bit stuck. His current job finishes at the end of April so we’re just plodding along, applying for all the jobs. His current role is quite niche but perhaps he’ll retrain in something else…we don’t know yet.  In the future, it may mean we have to re-locate, but for now all the jobs seem to be in London so he’ll commute from Southampton. It’s an incredibly difficult time but we’ve been through it before and we’ll be ok in the end (I have to keep telling myself that!) I could go on a huge rant about massive companies buying smaller companies and reducing the workforce but I’ll save it for my head 🙂

Onto glass things, I’ve got quite a big order coming this week, lots of lovely glass and bits to play around with. I’ve also been testing some glow in the dark powder, it’s coming along nicely and looks so awesome in real life. The photo below is the first thing I tried. In daylight it looks white, in the dark it’s blue, it’s brighter than the camera shows. I have lots of ideas for this. The great thing is, you only need sunlight or a normal lightbulb to “charge” it and it’ll glow in the dark all night.


I’m going to be making some new garden items in the coming weeks. I’ve got plans for stakes, a new windchime, toadstools and flowers. Busy, busy!

I’m involved in a Market Night on Facebook with 24 other wonderful small businesses. The theme is Up, Up and Away. There are some really beautiful pieces for sale and it’s always great to support handmade and small businesses. Buying is optional, but support comes in many forms. A simple like, comment or share really helps us be seen. Below is the range I’m showcasing. The Hot Air Balloon is new and took some precision cutting to make!

I’ve participated in the Marvellous Mama Makes Market Days once a month since August and again, they are a hugely talented bunch. These are more aimed towards children and family and the next one is on Saturday 7th May from 8am.

Now I’m off to open up my kiln and see if my new ideas have worked or not! Have a great day 🙂

Kelly x

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