Work in Progress….

Hello 🙂

I had a bit of an accident so I have a very poorly foot. I’m just too clumsy and tripped over a shoe! To be fair, I was trying to do too many things at once, as usual. Probably a lesson to take things a but slower.

While “resting” I’ve been doing lots of designing and planning new things. The photo above is one of the things I’ve been planning to make for a long time. I bought the Lantern last year but couldn’t decide what to do with it! It’s a work in progress, I’ve finished 2 of the panels, so just another 2 to go. The shadows that come off this are amazing, it’s so beautiful. I have some more lanterns to transform but I’m again undecided what to do with them. Maybe inspiration will hit me at some point.

I’ve also been practising with some new techniques. I bought some Glassline paints – they are used as a lining and shading material for glass and can also be used to write with….though lots of practice needed for that! I’ve made a couple of Mother’s Day plaques which you’ll be able to see on my Facebook Page and Instagram soon (when I’ve gotten round to taking photos!).

I have lots to be getting on with today, speak soon.

Kelly x

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